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Alastria is an association that is fundamentally non-profit which promotes the digital economy by building seamless decentralised ledger technologies/Blockchain where the peers can be linked into two operational networks (Network T and Network B) (either regular nodes or critical: validators and boot nodes).

To install a node in any of these networks, you must first be a member and then agree on the Government Policies and Good Use of Nodes, which are detailed in the following lines:

  • Quorum technology is used to build the first of Alastria's node networks (Red T). The second network (Network B) is built on the Hyperledger Besu platform.

  • The Alastria consortium was created to speed up the development of digital ecosystems by providing a single collaboration platform: the Alastria network. The consortium has been made up of roughly 70 of the largest firms and institutions in a number of areas since its founding.

  • Lawyers and notaries are among its founders, as are other professionals who safeguard the security and validity of information through the recognition of legal and natural individuals. Not in vain, the digital ID will be the major emphasis of Alastria's idea through the Digital Identity "ID Alastria" standard, which will provide residents clear control over their facts while adhering to the European Union's requirements.

  • In the shared platform provided by the Alastria network, many parties, particularly large companies, will be able to generate digital representations of the assets with which they engage in their normal economic activity, also known as tokens.

    With these tokens, it is possible to create new products and cutting services. In addition to being able to develop existing processes more quickly, safely, and effectively. The network accelerates the digital transformation of present processes in this way, successfully enabling a new paradigm of collaborative and multisectoral innovation.


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